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Bloomington Classifieds

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Bloomington Classified Ads
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Welcome to Bloomington Classified Ads.
You know how this works.

  • You want to sell, buy, or swap something.
  • You need a roommate.
  • You need to sublet your house.
  • You need a boy/girlfriend (or two or three, or one of each).
  • You found something, you lost something.
  • Your band is playing somewhere.
  • You have an art opening.
  • You want to clear out your clutter.
  • You want to make some money.
  • You want to give stuff away.
  • You want to give stuff to me. :D

  • A really thorough description is key in selling something.
  • Pictures are a good idea.
  • Don't say something's new if it's not.
  • Make careful arrangements for exchange of cash and booty.
  • Don't let anyone rip you off.
  • Don't rip anyone else off.

  • Buy and sell at your own risk.
  • Keep the personal ads relatively tasteful, please! :p
  • Consult LiveJournal's guidelines on explicit content if you are unsure.
  • For instance, photos of your naughty bits belong in another community.
  • Basically, as long as it doesn't get me in trouble, I don't care what you sell.

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