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Selling stuff

So, I realize that I'm a bit past the season for moves and housewares, but here's some stuff I'm trying to sell:

Thermaltake Soprano RS case

I used it for a few months only. It has a few scratches but is in otherwise good condition. $50 obo.

Huge Microwave
This is actually my brother's microwave. I don't know the official size but it is enormous (really) and in good condition--clean inside and out. He is asking $75 for it.

Just a basic desk I got used a few years ago. Normal wear and tear... it has a little keyboard shelf that rolls out. $20 obo

Chairs (two)
I love these chairs... got them at Furniture exchange a year-or-so ago for $39 each. They're quite comfy. I just don't have room for them. Maybe $30 for the pair?

Little TV with VCR
This is a little TV with VCR--maybe 13"? Worked fine last I used it, and would make a fine little kitchen/room/dorm TV. $10 obo

Dining Room Table
has two fold-out leaves that are attached to the table (I only folded out one for the picture, but both work fine). It's pretty sturdy. Shows normal wear and tear; nothing fancy but it's a good table that has served me well. $40 obo

Monitors (2)
This is a silver/gray regular ol' monitor. Not huge but not small. I have another monitor (not pictured) that is slightly smaller and off-white colored. I also have a box of PC parts, mostly old, that I haven't had a chance to sort through but if you are looking for these sorts of things I'll be glad to get rid of them, as well. $10 each obo

Coffee Table
Affectionately known as "The Loggy Table," this is an adorable log-cabin style coffee table. I got it at Furniture Exchange a year-or-so ago for like $40. I love it a lot but don't have room to spare. $25 obo

George Foreman Grill
I have used this about three times in the year that I've owned it, and still have the plastic accessories and (whoa!) a George Foreman cookbook. It has a digital control and the plates remove for cleaning--I believe they can go in the dishwasher. One thing to note is that, the few times I used it, it makes kind of an odd odor, almost like the plastic on the handles is melting a bit when it heats up. The smell is not intolerable but it's a bit odd. $40 obo

Unless noted otherwise, they pretty much all smell like a couple months in storage and some Lysol wipes. And everything is definitely "or best offer," so let me know if you want to take a look at anything. Most of these things are in a storage unit on the East Side, some are in my apartment off of West 2nd, or I could pretty much deliver any of them.

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