leananaquarius (leananaquarius) wrote in btonclassifieds,

Wanted To Sell: Myself*

*No, not like that. Pervs.

ME: An honest, eager-to-work local looking to find work. I would prefer monetary payment but am also willing to barter for groceries and the like. I am willing to do most anything a person needs done. Specific examples include:

*Petsitting, including feeding, walking, administering medicine, showering with affection, etc.
*Babysitting; I absolutely love children and babies, and will take excellent care of them.
*Housecleaning, although you would need to provide the cleaning materials.
*Gardening and landscaping.
*Moving, packing and unpacking. You need help moving in or out? Shoot me a note.
*Painting, drywall, and/or other minor repairs. Your materials required.
*Serving as a model for artwork. Clothed preferred, but will do nudes for extra.
*Housesitting. If you need someone to watch your place, I'm your person.

If you need someone for these or any other legal tasks, email me at leananaquarius(at)gmail.com with Bloomington in the subject line. Thank you. :)

X-posted from Bloomington. Originally posted as EyesofAquarius, but have changed to this ID. All of the above information is still relavent.

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